Health & Nutrition

Health Services Department

Minuteman is wholly dedicated to ensuring our students’ health and well-being.

The School maintains a full-time, onsite nurse.

The presence of a full-time nurse enables us to monitor all of our students, particularly those with specific health concerns.    

To ensure the health of every student, the Health Services Department continually provides health education to students, teachers and families, while interfacing with parents, teachers, guidance counselors, social workers and the School psychologist on an ongoing basis. 

Health Forms

New Student Health Form

M.D. Medication Form
Parent Consent for Medication Administration
Parent Medication Delegation Form
Parent Medication Delegation Form for Controlled Substances

Influenza Information

Please feel welcome to contact Claire Murphy, at extension 386, to learn more about our services or ask a specific question.

Onsite Food Services

In addition to an onsite restaurant and world-class bakery, Minuteman also maintains a student cafeteria serving a wide variety of healthy foods and beverages. 

To learn more about this month’s cafeteria menu, please click here.

Prepayment and Reduced Pricing

Prepayment Options

2014 - 2015 Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Useful nutrition information is available here: MA School Nutrition Bill At-A-Glance Guide or Nutrition Guidelines.