As you begin this next step in your educational journey, we want to share some information and resources about what you can expect during your first year, so that we might make your transition to Minuteman that much easier.

Welcome Day Orientation

Each May, our entire incoming freshman class and their families join Minuteman faculty and staff in a Welcome Day Orientation. This usually takes place on a Saturday, and is an opportunity for students and parents to tour the school, meet teachers, meet new friends, and become acclimated to what they can expect their first year on campus. This year’s Welcome Day is May 9, 2015.

What You’ll Need, Day One

You might be wondering what you will need to know your first day of school, or just have on hand. While this information will certainly be reviewed during First Day of School Orientation, we want to share a brief list:

First Day of School Orientation

In August of your freshman year, there is First Day of School Orientation. During this day, incoming freshman have the School to themselves, and are assigned lockers, schedules and are able to orient themselves to where they will be attending their classes. This year’s orientation is August 25, 2014

Overview of Class Schedules

While you may already know that you will spend every other week in classes which specifically focus on your major – with the weeks in between spent in traditional academic classes – we wanted to share more information about your class schedule so that you know what to expect.

First of all, you will have 7 periods in a typical school day, with each of your periods lasting 50 minutes.

In addition to classes, you may also have what's called Directed Study. Lasting a period, this time is an opportunity for you to individually focus on homework or even meet one-on-one with your teachers and counselors.

Also, unlike some high schools, you can choose electives as a freshman, which is exciting, as it lets you further explore your interests.

Freshman Career Exploratory

Freshmen participate in a unique, half-year Exploratory Program where they can learn everything about each of Minuteman's twenty-one career majors, to include completing hands-on projects in each career major's "lab" (which is like a special workshop).

During Exploratory, students are graded on conduct, willingness to follow instruction, task completion, safety, and attendance/punctuality. At the conclusion of the program, students are ranked based on their total grade within each career major area. Students are encouraged to do their best while learning about each major, as their overall grade can impact their final placement into a major.

Safety is a priority at Minuteman, and in an ongoing effort to keep all students safe, every student should come to school during an Exploratory week equipped and prepared to learn safely. Beyond receiving instruction on safety procedures in each career major, Minuteman will provide students with protective eye wear. Additionally, short pants ("shorts") are not permitted during Exploratory weeks, and shoes must be closed- toed, with work boots being the preferred choice in select career major labs.

At the completion of the Exploratory Program, in addition to one-on-one guidance from School faculty and staff, students participate in a Career Fair, where they can meet with Minuteman's business and industry partners who are associated with each career major to ask questions and learn more about the industry that interests them.