Work-based Learning

Minuteman’s Co-op Program provides students with the opportunity to apply their technical training and develop additional skills in a paid work environment while earning credit towards a diploma.

Juniors may apply to the Co-op Program in during their third semester as a junior, while seniors may apply any time during their senior year. For both, there are multiple eligibility requirements, to include:

  • Students must receive grades of a C or better in all academic subjects and a grade of B or better in their vocational program for the previous term.
  • Student’s attendance and behavior will be a factor in whether they are accepted into the program.
  • Co-op placement must be approved by the vocational teacher, the Director of Career & Technical Education and the Co-op Coordinator.
  • Students must be in their vocational program for 1.5 years before going out on co-op.

There are requirements for all Co-op Program participants, to include:

1. While placed on Co-op, students must continually maintain the same grade minimums as stated above, as evidenced by the student’s progress reports and report cards. Performance below the stated standards will be cause for removal from Co-op. Students may also be removed from Co-op for issues relating to school discipline and/or school attendance.

2. The work experience must directly relate to the vocational program for which the student has been trained. The validity of a cooperative education placement may be denied by the Cooperative Education Coordinator or the Vocational Director if there is not a direct relationship to the student’s vocational program or the competencies to be gained on Co-op vary from the vocational frameworks for their program.

3. Students must complete the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Course and return all forms required by the School before he/she will be allowed to begin the Co-op program.

4. Students are only allowed to go on Co-op during their technical training week.

5. Students who have been accepted and committed to a cooperative education job which has been approved by the School will not leave or change jobs without the approval from the Cooperative Education Coordinator.

6. Students should see the Co-op Coordinator immediately if there are any job-related issues. If a job-related issue cannot be resolved, the agreement will be terminated by the administrator in charge of the Cooperative Education Program. Changes will not be made by the student.

7. Students must fax their weekly time sheets to the Co-op Coordinator at 781.861.7250 at the end of the day on Friday of their Co-op week. They may also turn in their time sheets immediately upon returning to school during the academic week. Failure to turn in the time sheet by 9am on Monday will result in the loss of cooperative education privileges for the next technical training week.

8. It will be the responsibility of the student to notify the employer that he/she will not be able to participate in the program because of the failure to submit the time sheet.

9. If the student is absent for any reason, they must notify the employer and the Dean's Office at 781.861.6500, ext. 281 before 9am. Sick days must be indicated on the time sheet.

10. If the cooperative education employer does not need the Co-op student during a typical Co-op week, the student must report to school that week and notify the Co-op Coordinator.

Download and fill out the Work Permit Application and submit to the Workforce & Economic Coordinator in the Community Education Office where it will be completed.