Minuteman students historically perform very well on MCAS tests.

Beyond the rigors of the daily classroom curriculum at Minuteman, there are opportunities for interested students to further prepare for these tests. 

To learn more about these opportunities, parents and students are invited to click on the following links. 

2014 MCAS

On Tuesday, March 18th we will begin MCAS Testing, we are going to continue with Format 2 with Seniors/Sophomores being in Academics and Juniors/Freshman will be in Shop! Monday and Thursday will run as regular school days with Freshman reporting to A & B Block. Specifics about MCAS Days are below and the rotation schedule after MCAS Testing is attached.

ATTENTION Sophomores! Sophomores are strongly encouraged to be present as we will be involved in MCAS until 11:21am and Seniors will follow the schedule below. The sophomore MCAS Room Assignments for the week are posted throughout the building. The MCAS Room lists have been posted outside of Guidance, the Dean's Office, in the Café, and near the bathrooms. Be sure to check the list at some point today!


March MCAS School Day Schedule 2014

A. ALL 10th grade students should report to their A (first) period class for attendance/announcements. There will be another announcement around 7:55am indicating that ALL 10th grade students be released to the cafe for MCAS BREAKFAST which IS FREE to ALL MCAS Participants

B. The Library is CLOSED due to MCAS Testing

C. On MCAS Days (March 18, 19 & 21), ALL 9th grade students are reminded to report directly to their CTE area for the day, as they will not have A or B Block.

D. SENIOR SCHEDULE: Seniors must to report to school on March 18th at 11:15am and sign in at the Welcome Center (Dean's Office will provide the Senior List). ANY Senior who arrives earlier than 11:15am will need to report to the Mezzanine Area to complete work (they will not be allowed to go to their Shop). On March 19th there will be a SENIOR CLASS Meeting in the café at 11:00am. On March 21st, Seniors must report to school at 10:30 am and proceed to their Period 4 (G Block) classes according to the revised rotation schedule.