Superintendent Dr. Edward Bouquillon

Dr. Bouquillon is a seasoned educator with over 20 years experience in the workforce development and education sector. In 2007, Dr. Bouquillon was appointed Superintendent-Director of the Minuteman Regional Vocation Technical School District in Lexington, Massachusetts. 

Dr. Bouquillon earned his Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development from the Penn State University in 2004. He received a Masters Degree in Agriculture Industry from Penn State and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational and Vocational Education from the University of Connecticut. 

Dr. Bouquillon has an integrated background in both the private and public sectors through teaching and consulting, including working for Compaq Computer Corp as a Human Performance Consultant.

Dr. Bouquillon was Vermont’s Technical Education Director of the Year in 2005, and his doctoral thesis on mentoring was awarded the 2004 Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award by the National University Council for Workforce and Human Resource Education. Dr. Bouquillon was recently recipient of the 2010 Innovative Community Program Award by the local Chamber of Commerce and the 2010 Marty Meehan Education Leadership Award by Middlesex District Attorney.

Presently, he serves as Vice President of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce and President of the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators.

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