Each year, hundreds of incoming freshman from more than thirty-four Massachusetts communities boldly take a chance, leaving their hometown high schools behind in the hopes of something different. Something more. But what? When you choose Minuteman, you will receive a number of benefits, to include:

Experience The Modern American High School. 

Minuteman offers a distinctly modern learning experience where you can venture beyond a traditional high school curriculum to explore your interests and discover your passion, whether that’s Biotechnology, Robotics, Environmental Technology, or something else entirely from among our twenty majors (and counting).

Believe In Yourself. 

You will graduate from Minuteman with an enduring self-confidence that you can achieve anything you set out to do, no matter how high the hurdle, how long the road, how loud the skeptics.

Prepare For College And Life. 

Minuteman equips you with the academic foundation and study skills to succeed in college and the industry certifications and acumen to succeed in business, affording you a unique flexibility upon graduation to pursue your dreams.

Learn From The Experts. 

Minuteman’s teachers are demonstrated experts in their respective fields, injecting a depth of knowledge and experience into your classes that is rarely found in public or private schools.

Be More Than Just Another Student. 

There is no such thing as “just another student” at Minuteman – instead, teachers and staff personally invest themselves in truly knowing you and working closely with you so that you might realize your full, individual potential.

Make A Fresh Start. 

From your very first day of school, you are given the opportunity to make a fresh start among new friends and new teachers who will see you as you are and not as who you once were.