Daily Announcements: Monday, February 27, 2017

Skills USA will be running a penny war from now until March 31st to raise money for our chapter here at Minuteman.  Each class will have their own jars located in the cafeteria during lunch that they will try to fill with as many pennies as possible.  The class with the most pennies in their jar will win an amazing prize.  Beware, during lunch other classes can sabotage your efforts by putting in a dollar and removing 100 pennies to put in their own class jar.  Good luck to all.


Attention Student Ambassadors:  This is a reminder to report to Ms. O’Brien’s room 3N51 tomorrow during Advisory.  Attendance will be taken there.


There will be a book club meeting tomorrow after school in the library.  Please remember to bring your book if you haven’t returned it.


Attention all National Honor Society Members:  Please check your Minuteman email for a very important announcement.


Do you know what’s significant about tomorrow’s date February 28th? If you guessed that it’s Mardi Gras you’re right! And in honor of Fat Tuesday, the Community Service and Learning Group is launching its fundraiser tomorrow to raise money to help out Minuteman students who are volunteering their time rebuilding homes in New Orleans this coming April.


Please visit our Mardi Gras table in the Mall starting tomorrow to contribute.  If you make a five, ten, fifteen or twenty-five dollar donation you will receive a gift that is comparable to the amount you have donated.  We have gift baskets as well as assorted gift cards, so come on down to the Mall when you have a chance and check out our table.  When you make a donation, you’ll not only be contributing to a great cause, you’ll also be receiving a fun gift!  It’s a win-win situation.


All students going to the District competition tomorrow, please report to the cafeteria immediately following Advisory for a brief meeting.